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Founding starts with funding! fundBLACKfounders is your destination for supporting Black founders & Black innovation.

Create or back a campaign, share your ideas & feedback with the founders, join the movement in creating Black generational wealth. Our mission is to help Black founders jump start & scale their entrepreneurial ventures.

Latest Projects


by Miles Henderson

Global Black Campus News Network for Black students all over the world. Ghana and D.C.
9% Funded
50 Days Left


by Anthony

Black-Owned business directory app connecting people to Black food & beverage. EatOkra
17% Funded
35 Days Left

Moovn Ride Sharing App


Moovn - a Black Owned Tech Startup is Changing the way people move, shop and pay around the world! Seattle, WA
0% Funded
19 Days Left


by Anthony

A Dine-In entertainment theater like no other!
18% Funded
43 Days Left

THEBRAIDRELEASER: Conquering the world one braid at a time

by Saraa Green

TheBraidReleaser is a new tool that keeps hair from breaking when you take down your braids. Portland, OR
23% Funded
29 Days Left


by Maiya

An exclusive platform providing support and resources for athletes in low-income communities
19% Funded
27 Days Left

Tea Tea and Co

by Tea Maven

Empowering women, one tea party at a time Nashville, Tennessee
11% Funded
27 Days Left

AbsoluteJOI Skincare — Bringing Science and Non-Toxic Living to Skincare

by Anne

Over 75% of products marketed to women of color contain toxic ingredients. AbsoluteJOI Skincare offers safe, effective, healthy alternatives for beautiful skin. USA
103% Funded
0 Days Left

Wins For Black Girls

by Tierra

Wins For Black Girls is a text alert platform that shares positive news about Black women.
20% Funded
27 Days Left

The Beauty Mage

by Taryn Dean

The Beauty Mage is ushering in the era of Transcendental Beauty. Los Angeles, CA
65% Funded
27 Days Left

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